The Great British Bake Off – Episode 6: Sweet Dough Review

When the Great British Bake Off had #elbowgate in bread week we didn’t think about anything else but Howard. When the Great British Bake Off had #custardgate in desserts week we didn’t think about anything else but Howard. This week topped them all with a HEMP tea loaf from Howard. Yes, HEMP!


Star Baker: Ruby (her second time)

Eliminated: Howard

Final Three: Ruby, Frances, Christine

Best showstopper bake of the week: Howard’s Peachy Buns (how cute did they look!)

It always gets incredibly difficult to say goodbye to one baker each week because at this stage of the competition, they are just so good. However, Howard didn’t prove himself worthy of the final six with his buns. Coming last in the technical and probably his hemp loaf meant he was eliminated in week 6.  

Glenn narrowly avoided elimination, meaning he is the only man left in the competition. Given his pastry track record, he is in danger next week if he doesn’t pull his socks up.

Kimberley didn’t wow the judges this week but she is proving herself to be consistent and very likeable. She will get far but statistically, Frances is doing better than Kimberley.

Frances didn’t go overboard on presentation and in the process, showed that she is a very good baker, although her bottom bun was quite funny.

Beca is another good home baker but I think she should be more adventurous next week in order to secure a spot in the quarter finals. Her traditional baking has got her far but everybody else is pushing the boat out.

Christine has been a very highly remarked baker in the competition and has earned Star Baker twice. She has performed consistently and is a very secret threat.

Ruby constantly apologises for her bakes when actually they are very good. She is a dark horse in this competition winning two Star Bakers and being in the running for 2 weeks. However she had two very bad weeks in the two most common baking disciplines of cake and biscuits. Her pastry was very good in week 4 but will she rise to the top?

Next week sees the return of pastry this time, advanced with reliving school dinners (suet puddings – and evidently a history interruption), praying for their choux buns to go right (8 religieuses or nuns) and getting puffed out (3 different puff pastry treats like cream horns, Danish pastries etc). The week would not be complete without some preview of Mel and Sue and its Mel holding what appears to be a piping bag?!


I don’t currently have any sweet dough recipes but I am looking to post some sweet bread recipes in the future.

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