The Great British Bake Off – Episode 7: Pastry Review

Glenn made it through 7 weeks of baking but my prediction that pastry would be Glenn’s enemy again. Despite having a very good first day, his lack of puff in his pastry sent him home. We are getting to the nitty gritty of the competition and to reach the final 6 is a very good achievement. Glenn was never afraid to challenge the judges or create the largest bakes in the competition – the true home baker.


Star Baker: Frances

Eliminated: Glenn

Final Three: Frances, Beca, Ruby

Best showstopper bake of the week: Frances’s Sheet Music Millefeuille

A first place finish in the technical challenge is no mean feat especially at the end of the competition. Beca took a great risk by doing the only savoury suet pudding and looked to do well this week. I think she will continue to breeze through next week and reach the final four. If she can keep performing steadily, she will be in the final three. Will her traditional baking see her through? And how great was Beca eating her first place religieuse after the challenge!

Frances took the accolade of Star Baker this week, proving that her substance will pay off more than the style. Whilst her showstopper bakes were thematic again, Frances showed that she had a great puff and had great substance which I felt was missing recently. If she continues in this fashion, she has the potential to reach the final.

Even Mary said that Christine is a very traditional baker. Jo from Series Two was a very traditional home baker and I feel that Christine’s traditional recipes have done well up to this point. Some of her bakes have some problems and her last place finish on the technical was scary. She needs to pull through next week otherwise she will fall at the last hurdle.

Ruby was not without fault this week. Her rushed style showed in her poor presentation of her showstopper bakes. With her cracked KitchenAid bowl next week, she may become flustered. She needs to control her nerves otherwise she might crack next week. The showstopper is a cake and her cake track record is not very good so her prospects hang in the balance.

Kimberley has impressed throughout the competition with her flavours and her technical ability is very close behind. Recently, some of her technical points have fallen short, such as Biscuit Week. I am a big fan but I have an inkling Beca might steal her spot if she doesn’t impress.

Next week is “Unconvential Bakes” – what an amazing theme – and signature loaves that don’t use wheat flour, a technically difficult hazelnut dacquoise (a nutty meringue) and showstopping dairy-free vegetable cakes are on the menu.

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