The Great British Bake Off – Episode 5: Biscuits & Traybakes Review


Almost halfway through the competition and only the best bakers will make it to the next week, meaning a surprise exit for the first Star Baker, Rob, who as I predicted, started to fall away from the other bakers with his odd bakes.

Star Baker: Christine (again!)

Eliminated: Rob

Potential for winners: Christine, Glenn, Beca

Best showstopper bake of the week: Christine’s Shortbread Bavarian Clock Tower AND Glenn’s Shortbread and Macaroon Helter Skelter

Christine made a Brendan-esque showstopper bake (a contestant from Series 3 who was renowned for his cute bakes) and tied in with a good traybake and a first place technical tuile finish meant she was awarded Star Baker for a second time. Despite a drop in the pastry week, I think she could make the final.

Glenn has been consistent across the Bake Off produced bakes enough to feed the crew probably twice over, but he has shown in biscuit week that he has potential. Beca made a true biscuit tower and showed off her immaculate macaron making skills again. These two have great potential and could get to the final.

Ruby and Kimberley slipped this week, and whilst I don’t doubt their ability, they slipped back this week. Howard’s showstoppers seem to be saving him, but as the competition gets closer to the end, he may be sent home. He will have to improve soon. On a plus note, he didn’t have Mel or Sue do anything to his bakes, unlike Frances.

Whilst I know it isn’t Mel’s fault, her collapsed biscuit tower lost her chances of being Star Baker. She delivered on the taste this week, and her Shortbread Jenga signature was quite playful. Frances is quite a good baker, but she may fall at the very final hurdle if she doesn’t improve her flavours.

On a final note, there could not have been any more tuile-related puns or jokes. I was surprised they didn’t say, “I’ll tuile with you later.”

Next week is sweet dough and 168 buns have to be a pun hotspot! But the tea loaf is even better however hearing all those puns will be tea-dious!

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