My name is Andrew and I am 23 years old. I have a degree from the University of Nottingham in Mathematics with Statistics and I am now also a trained Secondary Mathematics Teacher. Besides my mathematics background, I am a baking blogger and recipe developer.

On my blog, you will find restaurant reviews, product reviews from companies who are kind enough to gift products to me to review, the occasional cooking show review but you’re mainly here to find all the recipes that I am sharing with you!

All the recipes that go on my blog have been tried and tested twice to ensure that you can get the same results yourself in your own kitchens at home. You’ll mostly find baking recipes on here as I believe that is where my strengths lie but savoury recipes are super popular on my site too! 

I also have a YouTube channel where I have uploaded a few product reviews, a few recipe videos but mainly vlog montages of my travels to Hong Kong! You can find my channel by clicking here and make sure to subscribe to keep up to date with future content. I have some plans for content but whether they can come to being is another question.

I am a British-born Chinese (BBC) and so I really want to use this blog as a platform to increase Asian representation and in particular, Asian representation in British media. A lot of my recipe posts have a Chinese influence which you can tell from the titles where I put the recipe name in traditional Chinese. You can find many Chinese desserts and cakes on my blog and I will continue to work hard trying and testing more Chinese recipes to post on here!

I hope that you enjoy the recipes on here. Make sure to Follow me on FacebookTwitter and Instagram, subscribe to my YouTube channel. Also if you have enjoyed my recipes and my content, consider supporting me on Patreon; there you can find more information about Patreon, how you can support me and the blog and the perks that come along with that. Check out my Patron Appreciation Page while you’re down here too!