The Great British Bake Off – Episode 2: Bread Review


Bread week is a great week. Not only are there incredibly bad puns from Mel & Sue, but there is history with bread week. Those who come first in the technical challenge or do generally well in bread week tend to go on to win the competition:

  • Edd Kimber – 1st in Cob technical (star baker did not exist in Series 1)
  • Jo Wheatley – 1st in Foccacia technical
  • John Whaite – 1st in 8-Strand plaited loaf technical and Star Baker

Star Baker: Ruby

Eliminated: Lucy

Potential for Winners: Ruby, Kimberley, Frances, Christine

Best showstopper bake of the week: Ruby’s White Chocolate and Orange Peacock Bread

This episode featured 11 amazing showstopping loaves, including an amazing enriched white chocolate peacock, but Lucy’s tomato loaf did not meet the judges’ high standards. Lucy had done so well in the first week, and the fact she used a sourdough starter made her look promising. Ruby rose like a phoenix from the ashes. The men usually do well in bread week, and I was particularly shocked at Rob’s spectacular downfall. Did he try to do too much to a loaf? Did Lucy do too little to a loaf?

The moment of the week goes to Sue who accidentally squashes Howard’s unbaked muffins with her elbow. Oh Sue. Poor Howard!

Well Glenn (who hasn’t really been featured along with Deborah and Ali) may finally get airtime next week as he shows himself mixing a gelatinous mess in a bowl. Who will fall next week? And who stole Howard’s custard?

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