The Great British Bake Off – Episode 1: Cakes Review


I know we are into Week 3, but it has all been so frantic recently, so these are delayed.

What can be said about cake week? It is the week that the viewers get to know some contestants and already start to predict who the winner is.

Star Baker: Rob

Eliminated: Toby

Potential for Winners: Rob, Lucy, Christine, Frances, Howard

Best showstopper bake of the week: Howard’s Black Forest Revisited

The episode felt a bit rushed trying to fit in all 39 tastings, the TV history lesson and the injuries. I found they only focused on the best and worst of the week so people like Kimberley, Deborah and Beca had less screen time. Congratulations do go to Rob for winning Star Baker for great chocolate tempering but many commiserations do also go to Toby. Using salt in his Angel Food Cake technical challenge and a cut hand spelt disaster for him.

Next week it is bread, and Rob promises a ‘Paul the Octopus’ tribute loaf. Who snaps in the breadstick signature challenge? Find out in my next summary.

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