The Great British Bake Off – Episode 3: Desserts Review


Desserts were on the menu. Pitchers of creme anglaise were made in this episode (how many eggs were used this week?) as an incident branded “custardgate” fell upon Howard (more on that later)

Star Baker: Christine

Eliminated: Mark and Deborah

Potential for winners: Christine, Beca, Ruby

Best showstopper bake of the week: Beca’s Limoncello & Blueberry Bursts and Millionaire Shortbread

The first week Deborah gets significant mention and it is the week that goes down in GBBO history. She and Howard shared a fridge. Howard’s creme anglaise was perfect and Deborah’s custard was a bit slack. Deborah accidentally takes some of Howard’s custard, which ironically, is the best in the room. However was it luck? Howard comes 7th in the Floating Islands technical challenge because of his custard? I thought this was odd?

I favour Beca for a winner this week. Although she came 10th in the technical, Jo Wheatley had varying success but always pulled out the showstopper. And she took the effort to make the smallest macarons known to man, or woman. Is she a dark Welsh horse? Frances is this year’s Holly Bell who has gone as far as weighing 5g of biscuit dough. She may slip up soon. Glenn has no longer gone unnoticed for his 1st place in the technical and Ali is starting to come into the fore with his perfect trifle.

Next week, it’s the first encounter of pastry. Prepare for soggy bottom fun, and Howard again trying to move his filo pie. Let’s hope we don’t have a repeat of last year’s Strudel incident (see )

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