#fdbloggerfriends: Food and Baker

Today on #fdbloggerfriends, we’re handing over to Jessica and James aka Food and Baker. This dynamic duo are dedicated bloggers and vloggers, who are very dedicated to their blog. I’m very happy to have Jessica and James take part in #fdbloggerfriends!


We are Jessica Bautista & James Baker, and together we run a London based couples food, travel and lifestyle blog. You can find us at http://www.foodandbaker.co.uk

Food and Baker

Jessica is 22 years old, works full time as an administration/warehouse assistant, who also helps organise an annual beauty pageant, along side her own events business. James is a 20-year-old student currently out on work placement in London, which will contribute to his Business & Marketing degree.

We are practically opposite at everything but found our common ground for the love of food!

3 interesting facts about ourselves

  1. The name ‘Food & Baker’ came from Jessica’s Instagram bio, as she loves food, and James Baker – of course food had to come first!
  2. We spent the first year and a half of our relationship 200 miles away from each other during the week as James was in Sheffield for university – but made the decision to move in together for James’ placement year.
  3. We have a bucket list of places to visit and restaurants to eat at together which we are always adding to!

How food shaped your life and why is it so important to your life today?

Food has shaped our lives as it provides us with a hobby, a lifestyle, and most of all, something that makes us happy. We have a passion for trying out new foods, how this forms parts of different cultures around the world, and even trying to re-create them ourselves at home.

Describe the last meal you would eat on Earth

Well considering James’ favourite thing to eat is steak, and Jessica’s is mashed potato – we’d have to put the two together! It might not be the most exciting meal in the world, but we’d definitely be happy with that!

Why did you start your blog?

We started it as a visual diary of our adventures together as a couple as we noticed we always took a picture of our food when we ate out – which was a lot. Once it started to get attention from friends and family, we built social media to promote it and it has slowly turned into what it is today.

What are your favourite posts?

 5 Best Cups of Coffee in Sheffield

We decided to embark on a tour of the 21 best cups of coffee in Sheffield, a list published by Independent Sheffield. It was a tough task but we whittled it down to our top 5 in this post!



  1. The Grill on the Market, Farringdon

Perhaps once of the best meals we have ever had out, and maybe the most we’ve ever gone ‘all out’ at a restaurant! It was definitely one to remember, especially as it is one of our favourite foods – steak!



DIY ‘Freak’ shakes

One of our proudest moments in terms of homemade creations! ‘Where is this?’ people kept asking, errm – our kitchen! We wanted to catch onto the craze of ‘freak’ shakes and after having one at Lucky Fox in Sheffield; we thought to give it a go ourselves!


*Please note: this is how we made the milkshake above, there is no particular way to make these, you go as crazy as your imagination can take you.*

In Jar: We attempted to add sliced strawberries around the sides on the jar for decoration, (but the milkshake over flowed it) along with melted nutella dripped down from the top of the jar (chocolate sauce would be better consistency, but there was none in Tesco at the time)

Milkshake: We decided to go for the standard vanilla milkshake to start with, as as you can see, there was plenty more to make up for it. So, no blender – not so interesting story, we thought we had two blenders to looking for none. So here is our alternative, simply get another jar (one like you are using) with a lid, put 4 scoops (depending on the size of your jar) and fill over half way of whole milk and just simply, shake it up, shake it up. Want to add fruit flavour I hear you ask? Well with berries, I would suggest to mash them up and add them to your mix and shake!

On Top: We placed on top of the filled jar a full raspberry doughnut, drizzled in melted nutella and to use as a glue to hold the brownie piece on the side, along with a shortbread biscuit in the middle with a fancy straw of your choice.



Instagram: http://instagram.com/foodandbaker

Twitter: http://twitter.com/foodandbaker

Facebook: http://Facebook.com/foodandbaker

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