GBBO 14 Episode 6 Review: European Cakes Week

Thanks to a huge selection of European accents, a phenomenal amount of sugar work in the showstopper and Mel and Sue being on top form, this has to be my favourite week thus far. But who went in this tricky and tense week

Eliminated: Nobody

My Elimination Prediction: Kate (see the rest of them here)

Star Baker: Chetna (finally!)

Chetna GBBO

Good: Luis, Nancy

Bad: Richard, Kate

Best Bake: Chetna’s Almond Liqueur Dobos Torte with Chocolate Caramel Buttercream


Chetna, the tent’s resident flavour queen, finally lifts the title of Star Baker. Her innovative use of Victoria Sponge for her Dobos Torte, caramel grapes (which reminded me of bubblewrap on the side) and phenomenal recovery in the Princess Cake Technical all secured Chetna’s place next week. She’s been slowly rising up the ranks and now it is just Martha, who wowed Paul in the Signature Challenge with her Chocolate and Almond Liqueur Savarin (she’s 17 and uses so much alcohol in her baking), who has not yet been crowned Star Baker. Will it be her turn next week or will Martha take the title of being one of the most consistent bakers in Bake Off?

Kate and Richard had a terrible week and both of them seemed to be equally bad throughout the week, leading to not only a tussle between Paul and Mary but for only the second time in Bake Off history, nobody being eliminated from the competition. This was only fair as all 6 bakers deserve to show off their skills for another week. Hopefully this is the last week of trouble for Richard as two bad weeks in a row is making him vulnerable, he is of course many people’s favourite.

Luis once again impressed this week with his great attention to detail in his sugar work for his Dobos Torte. He has been unflappable throughout the competition and is a sure favourite to make the final, however I do wonder when his bad week will come, much in the same way that Nancy has managed to be consistently good each week.

It’s becoming much harder to say goodbye to anyone but also to choose a clear outright winner. What else but another week of pastry will decide which of the 5 bakers deserve their spot in the quarter-finals?! Signature savoury pastry parcels, a Technical in which none of the bakers know what they are doing (rightfully) and 2 sets of showstopping eclairs are all on the menu next week. All I want is for Mel and Sue to continue to be as funny as ever.

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