GBBO 14 Episode 5 Review: Pies and Tarts Week

Pies and Tarts Week had some of the oddest challenges ever seen on Bake Off but 6 bakers managed to scrape through.

Eliminated: Diana (by default) and Norman

Diana GBBO Norman GBBO

My Elimination Prediction: Norman and Kate (see the rest of them here)

Star Baker: Kate (deservedly!)


Good: Nancy

Bad: Richard, Martha

Best Bake: Kate’s Rhubarb, Prune and Apple Pies


Well Norman has finally run his course in the tent and four bad weeks in a row just meant that Norman was not at the standard of the remaining six bakers. Norman, who has been a fan favourite, left the tent on a high as he finally tackled the problem of being too simple with his Pieful Tower showstopper. Unfortunately his fate was sealed thanks to a lavender meringue. Although who could forget Norman trying to take a swig of that wine?!

Norman Wine

Kate finally won the Star Baker accolade and what a struggle she went through to take it. An incredible Rhubarb and Custard Tart complete with a rhubarb swirl was slated for having a poor flavour but a third place Technical finish and a phenomenal hot water crust showstopper pinched the title from Nancy, who had a pretty good week, starting with a passionfruit chocolate custard tart, 4th in the technical and a great trio of apple pies.

Martha and Richard, who are two of the favourites to take the crown in October, struggled this week for the first time. Both had poor signature custard tarts and burnt their showstoppers and not even a 1st place finish in a devilish Technical challenge could keep Martha away from the bottom. The strength of the remaining six bakers means it is hard to choose an outright favourite. Kate, Nancy, Luis and Chetna have not yet had a terribly bad week so the standard is much higher than all the series before, meaning everyone will have to up their game.

I was disappointed that there was hardly any mention of a soggy bottom this week but more than overjoyed by Nancy wanting to borrow Richard’s signature trademark Blue Pencil, the amount of innuendo and even reference to Bingate last week. Richard made sure that everyone knew that his puff pastry was on the middle shelf in the fridge so as not to cause any more Bingates or Custardgates.

Richard Fridge

I was very unsure about the timing on that Technical Challenge. Poaching pears take at least 30 minutes and for them to cool enough without the puff pastry, which also had very tight timing, so 2 hours was never really going to be enough to include baking time. Martha was very cunning to place some of the pears in before the others to ensure they were baked and she stole 1st. Richard fell foul of timing issues, as seen below!

Richard Oven

Next week the final 6 bakers tackle European Cakes… I have no words! A showstopping Hungarian Dobos Torte is on the menu but beyond that I’m still lost for words, I thought this was the Great British Bake Off, what about doing Regional Bakes or Baked Meals Week?

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