GBBO 14 Episode 4 Review: Desserts Week

Well wasn’t that a bit eventful? The tent heated up in more ways than one this week, after facing signature self-saucing puddings, a technical Tiramisu cake and showstopping Baked Alaskas in 25 degree heat! That was never really going to work was it, come on Bake Off producers!


Eliminated: Iain


My Elimination Prediction: Richard (how wrong but see the rest of them here)

Star Baker: Richard (for the 2nd time)

Richard GBBO

Good: Kate, Luis

Bad: Norman

Best Bake: No bake stood out this week unfortunately

Richard has been crowned Star Baker for the second time this series and is looking a very strong contender for the title. His weekend started off well with the Chocolate Cherry Fondants but he slightly slipped in the Technical. Luckily he managed to bring himself all the way back up to the top with a Tiramisu-inspired Baked Alaska. It’s hard to believe that Richard hasn’t really had a bad challenge, and I hope he doesn’t have a major slip up.

Tiramisu Cake

Martha went surprisingly under Paul and Mary’s radar this week. Despite a first place performance in the Technical and a nigh perfect Key Lime Baked Alaska, she wasn’t in contention for Star Baker. Martha is truly amazing, I still am in awe of her age, she’s 17!

Kate and Chetna are both still doing pretty well. Chetna, despite a massive ice cream meltdown in which she may have tried to rescue her ice cream by scooping it back up, still impresses Paul and Mary with her flavours and this can go a pretty long way, although she will need to show her potential sooner rather than later.

Norman is a fan favourite thanks to his incredible humour and approach to baking. But the problem with Norman for me is that he’s been consistently up for elimination 3 out of 4 weeks and that shows me that he may not be able to cope with the tent. If it continues, he will have to go, no matter how much we love him.


Iain is the hot topic right now because of his outrage with regards to his Baked Alaska. He wasn’t happy with his bake and in complete anger, threw his bake in the bin before storming out of the tent. Iain has shown over the past couple of weeks that he is a good baker, having impressed the judges with his biscuit and bread showstoppers. The judges’ problem with Iain’s situation is that he didn’t have anything to show them. To quote Mary, “it was unacceptable”.

For me it was neither Iain’s fault nor Diana’s fault, rather the problem of the producers. Why did they not think about the capacity of the freezers regarding this challenge? You could see how packed the freezers were with tins and no matter how long they were kept in the freezer, they were not going to set at all because everyone needed to keep opening the freezer to check their own Alaska. No matter how hot it was, the production team need to take some of the blame for the situation for not thinking about the practicality of this challenge. The tent, what with the lights and ovens, was never going to be the best place to make the ice cream and especially in that quantity. This idea is only emphasised by the fact that Iain was forced to put his ice cream onto the other side of the tent and the fact that Martha was queueing up behind Chetna for the freezer. Hmm, not the best challenge we’ve ever seen.

Nancy and Diana Iain Bin Diana

Unfortunately Twitter took to the situation like Sue to a little bit of leftover cake. They relished the opportunity to brand the situation #bingate and calls to #BringIainBack and find #justiceforiain. However the amount of vitriol aimed towards certain contestants lead to the formation of #dirtydiana. Outcries of Diana being the villain in the situation were met with criticism from the GBBO 14 bakers, slating that the editing made Diana appear the villain. Around 137,000 tweets were tweeted about the situation, unfortunately not all positive.

Next week could see the return of the soggy bottom with the somewhat odd challenge of three-tiered showstopper pies?

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