GBBO 14 Episode 3 Review: Bread Week

I know I’ve already said it but Bread Week could be crucial in predicting who wins the competition. Historically, the person who finishes first in the Technical Challenge, which this week was Paul’s ciabatta, has gone on to win the series. However the bakers also had to face 2 other challenges this week, including their Signature Rye Rolls and a showstopping filled centrepiece loaf.

Eliminated: Jordan

Jordan GBBO

My Prediction: Enwezor (see the rest of my predictions here)

Star Baker: Luis


Good: Kate

Bad: Norman

Best Bakes: Richard’s Pesto Pinwheel

Richard's Pesto Pinwheel

Before I start my review, I want to find out which baker you think will win the show.

Jordan fell foul of moisture this week; the raspberry and strawberry brioche which sounded amazing was not completely cooked on the inside and his use of oil instead of flour on the ciabatta technical meant that he came last. Jordan was a true fan favourite for his eccentricity and he will surely be missed in the tent, mainly because there will be no more amazing clothes to marvel at.

Kate really impressed me this week. She hadn’t had much airtime up until now and I wondered whether the amount of airtime she was receiving was down to her elimination this week, but as we now know, she excelled this week. In addition, her first place finish in the technical could mean that she may steal the competition from her competitors.


Luis received the Star Baker accolade and that’s no mean feat in Bread Week. He’s been performing very well in the show already but I wonder whether he can keep this up in the weeks ahead as the challenges get harder; has he peaked too early? I’m not a fan of his flavour combination in the Signature bake however; carrot, coffee, chocolate, fennel and parsnip? Hmm I’m not too sure but Paul seemed to like it.

Diana is consistently middling, which is okay now but she will need to step up soon otherwise she will be outed. Where her presentation lets her down, she more than makes up for it with her flavours. She did, however, receive the first soggy bottom this year. Iain has been saved multiple times now with the strength of his showstopper, which could be his downfall in the coming weeks. I don’t doubt Iain’s baking ability at all but he will have to do significantly better across the coming weeks if he is to do well.

During the show “Full English Stromboli”, “Oh Norman”, “If Norman”, “Bye Jordan”, “Ciabatta” and “Martha” all trended. Nancy’s showstopping loaf sounded amazing and is something I wanted to try. Norman and Martha are still the fan favourites, mainly because Norman was caught staring at some teacups and measuring Mel’s temperature.

Unfortunately, and it didn’t go unnoticed by many people on social media, Paul was a bit “weird” this week. He noted that Kate’s showstopper, which was a true centrepiece, was raw on the inside but the dough bounced back almost to its original shape, which is the sign of a baked bread. He also used the phrase “it has falsely accused the dough of being ready” and compared the ciabattas in the technical to pittas. Hmm.

I do have to mention next week which is Dessert Week. With some signature saucy puddings, Mary’s technical Tiramisu Cake and a showstopping Baked Alaska, it seems that the pressure is intensifying with the intense heat causing a bit of a meltdown. All we know is that Martha and Chetna will be queuing for the fridge and Chetna will try to scoop up ice cream with her hands. Lovely.

Innuendo of the Week: “Stand away from your hot baps” by Sue

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