GBBO 14 Episode 2 Review: Biscuit Week

The second episode of The Great British Bake Off aired tonight and really showed each of the baker’s skill. The biscuit week demanded the remaining 11 bakers to make their signature savoury biscuits, Mary’s technical Florentines and a showstopping 3D biscuit scene.

Eliminated: Enwezor

Enwezor GBBO

My Prediction: Nancy

Star Baker: Richard

Richard GBBO

Good: Luis

Bad: Norman

Best Bakes: Martha’s Ski Village Scene

Martha's Ski Village Scene

Richard has done very well for the past two weeks and he is looking like he is already a strong contender. With perfect Florentines earning him a first place finish in the Technical Challenge and an amazing Pirate biscuit scene meant that he earned the title of Star Baker. A consistent performance across both weeks means Richard will be one to watch.

Martha has also done well in both weeks so far. Her Ski Village Scene impressed me and I still marvel at the fact that she is just 17 years old. I love the fact that she knew what to do in the Technical Challenge with the chocolate on the Florentines and she has acquired quite a fan base, with Martha once again trending on Twitter during the programme.

Luis cannot go unnoticed of course with his Dragon-inspired showstopper which really impressed Paul. He did well on the Technical and Signature challenge and I know that this consistent performance will see Luis go incredibly far in the competition. I love that he still hasn’t really shone through and is a bit of a dark horse in the competition so far.

Jordan appeared to have a comfortable week impressing Paul and Mary with his sourdough chilli biscuits, Florentines and biscuit scene and Iain wowed the judges with his Western-inspired biscuit scene. Chetna blew the competition away again with her Carousel-based showstopper and Diana’s Express Train was truly first class (ahem!).

Although Mel, Sue, Mary and Paul were the real stars of the show, all of whom trended on Twitter throughout the program. Mel once again reignited a surprising love affair with Leatherhead Leisure Centre, which also trended on the show, Sue made more cheese puns and even compared Mary to Pussy Galore. Mary was ever fashionable once again, so expect some scarves and white jackets to be sold out soon. Paul even had an attempt, albeit failed, at the jokes, although we now know why Mel and Sue are the hosts, not Paul and Mary.

I have a question about this week and it didn’t go unnoticed on Twitter either. Who makes their own fondant?

Keep an eye out for the people who do well next week because Bread Week is historically known for producing the winners. Rye bread, Paul’s ciabatta and filled loaves are on the menu next week. Catch next week’s episode (Bread Week) on Wednesday 20th August 8pm and the side show, An Extra Slice, on Friday 15th August 9pm BBC Two.

Innuendo of the Week: “Typically I do this on the floor because it gets so stiff” by Enwezor

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