GBBO 14 Episode 1 Review: Cake Week

A brand new year, brand new channel, brand new location and a batch of 12 new bakers. That’s right the first episode of The Great British Bake Off showed tonight and what a grand entrance it made. The cake week demanded the 12 bakers to make their signature Swiss Roll, Mary’s technically demanding Cherry Cake and make 36 Miniature Classic British Cakes.

Eliminated: Claire

My Elimination Prediction: Iain

Star Baker: Nancy

Good: Richard, Martha

Bad: Jordan, Iain

Best Bakes: Chetna’s Cardamom, Pistachio and Coffee Swiss Roll and Nancy’s Jaffa Orange Cakes

Claire had a run of bad luck in the show, with Paul not liking her orangey cream inside her Swiss Roll and exploding chocolate cakes for her showstopper challenge. Her week was very much chaotic and it’s an incredible shame, not only because I predicted Claire to come second overall but also as she had so much more to give.

I was completely stunned by Martha’s performance this week. I was not expecting her to do that well and that tells me she is a dark horse. Mary said it herself, “how does she have that knowledge at 17?” In fact she was one of only 3 contestants to trend in the UK on Twitter and she has acquired a huge fan base already.

Nancy took the accolade of Star Baker this week and I have to retract my prediction for Nancy finishing eleventh because her flavours were phenomenal and her bakes looked great. She will go further than I initially thought. Sorry Nancy!

I knew Chetna would do well in the Bake Off thanks to her flavours, but I didn’t expect a cardamom, pistachio and coffee Swiss Roll from her. She wowed many people on Twitter and has also turned into a favourite on social media.

But for everyone, Norman was the true star of the show. With his loose-bottomed cake popper gadget, his Swiss Roll “for men” and his retro flavours, he has become everyone’s favourite with “loving Norman” trending on Twitter during the show.

What would the show be without Mel and Sue however? Making Swiss Rolls by pushing Roger Federer down a hill, popping Mary’s cherry in the oven and stealing Diana’s mousse were some of my personal highlights.

It’s back and it’s back with a bang. Catch next week’s episode (Biscuit Week) on Wednesday 13th August 8pm and the side show, An Extra Slice, on Friday 8th August 9pm BBC Two.

Innuendo of the Week: “Ganaching my buns” by Diana

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