Product Review: Cake and Handle Cake Boxes

[this post classes as an advert under ASA guidelines]

Many times through my school placements, I would bring cake into the staff room. Usually it would arrive either in an old biscuit or chocolate tub or if I was feeling very fancy, a plate covered with foil or even a cake carrier! I know my life would have been made easier if I had a cake box that I could easily transport the cake with and after being contacted by Ola, the owner of Cake and Handle, about her innovative cake boxes, I wish I had them earlier!

The idea for these cake boxes came after she collected a birthday cake for her and her son from her favourite baker and somehow she ended up on the Underground with two cakes and no bag. Then Ola’s small business Cake and Handle was born, the future of cake transportation! Ola is also an amateur baker so she understands the process of making cakes and making sure they make it to their recipients in one piece.

Ola sent me the 12″ ‘Goldie’ cake box to review; the boxes are also available in 8″ and 10″. The ‘Goldie’ is a premium cake box with black and HS foiled gold polka dots and gold handles. The cake pictured in the photos is my Passionfruit Raspberry and Almond Layer Cake; click on the name to find the recipe!

Ola sent the cake boxes to me extremely quickly and they arrived flat pack, making them easy to store if I was to have lots of these on hand for my baking projects. Inside the pack was the cake box itself as well as an instruction sheet for building the box, however I found that the design was intuitive enough so that I didn’t need the instructions. The lid was super easy to make, just pull out the flaps and the box is built using locking tabs. To test it out, I asked my mum to assemble the box without any instructions and she felt it was also intuitively designed but she did interlock the tabs the wrong way round but with instructions, this wouldn’t happen!

In terms of the design, I loved the ‘Goldie’ design and the luxurious feel that the colour scheme provided. If you were picking up a cake or having a cake delivered using this box, you would expect there to be a stunning cake inside. I am very used to cake boxes of this nature being just plain white and so having boxes which add luxury to your cake is a great idea!

In terms of usability of the box, I found the box very easy to build and the box felt very sturdy so I felt that my cake was safe, especially while I was transporting it from room to room to take photos. I could only make an 8 inch cake due to the tins I have available but even in the much larger box, it felt very secure. The handles are honestly the best part about the box; they are just the perfect length/height for holding the box where it feels safe and secure but also comfortable to hold.

With many festive seasons on the way soon and lockdown and social distancing still being in place, boxes from Cake and Handle would be perfect for transporting cakes and other baked goods and ensuring they reach A to B safely and securely. I can imagine lots of different designs for each of the different festivities, perhaps Easter eggs, gingerbread men or little pumpkins on the boxes, the possibilities are endless! I would be proud to send out a cake in a Cake and Handle box.

Follow Cake and Handle on Instagram and check out their website for more information, prices and also more designs!

As with all of my reviews, I keep the product after reviewing it but do not receive direct payment from this review. I have not been told to falsely write positive comments about the product and everything is my own opinion. The product was gifted and but this review post classes as an ad. Also thanks to my mum for being my model for these photos!

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