Restaurant Review: Sushimania Nottingham

Sushimania is Nottingham’s latest restaurant to join the highly competitive and packed Nottingham food scene. With 7 other branches in the south, will Sushimania live up to the expectation? Sushimania is incredibly unique, offering all you can eat sushi. This is instantly attractive to many, given that buying sushi on its own can be incredibly pricey.

What’s more is that the menu has a wide range of items ranging from various sashimi to nigiri, uramaki, futomaki and temaki as well as various noodle dishes, tempura and kushiyaki. This is fantastic for those who want to eat here but may have allergies and likes/dislikes as there are various dishes that can suitable for anyone. Having a fish/seafood allergy, this was very pleasing to see.

The décor of the restaurant is distinctly oriental at the entrance while the seating and table is classy and sleek. The wooden tables provide the classy interior that doesn’t immediately strike you as being for a sushi restaurant. Upon being seated, the waitress came over and explained to us how to order from the all you can eat menu. She explained that we could only order a maximum of 6 dishes at a time which we write on the sheet and hand it to the waiter/waitress who sends it to the kitchen before returning to us.

While this makes sense from a business perspective, it does indeed have its flaw in that for large tables, as we were on the night, being able to only 6 dishes at a time for a table of 6 people wasn’t particularly feasible. Moreover, there are only 3 columns which means if we want to reorder the same dish a fourth time, we would need a new sheet or to be creative. Our order sheet become quite cluttered and hard to fill in by the end so perhaps this is something to reconsider.

*EDIT 28 April 2018* Upon going again, we were now told that we can order 6 items from each side of the menu, one side being sushi and the other side being non-sushi items.

We circled the numbers which I assume to be a pretty standard practice, especially in Chinese dim sum restaurants, but they explained to us the circling was done by them to signify that they had sent that order to the kitchen so we ended up with a few things missing in the end, not that this was a problem. However, the waiters and waitresses were all very polite and welcoming which left a great impression on all of us throughout the night.

The food slowly began to arrive. Again being a large table meant that we ended up feeling very hungry because the food arrived so slowly at the start which also meant that we filled in the form more rapidly as the night went on. With just 3 people working in the open kitchen, I felt that this was the main cause of the slow service. But the food was well worth the wait!!

I was satisfied with all of the (cough, 65) dishes that we ordered, well the ones that I could eat at least. The first dish that arrived which I could eat was the Chicken Katsu Temaki (Hand Roll). This was really tasty with the crunchy chicken katsu contrasting to the soft avocado and sushi rice with the crisp nori.


We also ordered the Chicken Katsu Uramaki which was also really pleasing to eat. The Kimchi Uramaki which came with a drizzle of sriracha was something different and unique but also tasty.

The Crispy Duck and Cucumber Uramaki had a drizzle of hoisin sauce and the taste instantly reminded me of Chinese duck pancakes and the fresh cucumber cut through the duck and was well balanced. One of the easiest uramaki to eat was the Sweet Potato Tempura Uramaki, it just worked as a complete mouthful together. Talking of tempura, we ordered various tempura including prawn, sweet potato and oyster. The tempura was warm and crispy and light – you could tell it had been made to order and was freshly prepared.

Besides sushi, we also ordered their chicken teriyaki which we thought would be relatively dry. How wrong we were. The chicken was juicy and moist and packed full of flavour. The teriyaki sauce was so tasty that we were mopping it up from the plate. This was perhaps the biggest surprise dish of the night.

There was plenty of fish too ranging from California rolls to salmon nigiri to salmon sashimi, which is limited to 2 portions per person but with 4 slices per portion, that’s plenty – and you can have my portion too! Obviously I couldn’t comment on the taste/texture of these so just enjoy the pictures!


My overall impression is that Sushimania will do very well in Nottingham. With a high Asian student population, Sushimania will never be short of customers. Its unique all you can eat offer is distinguished from the other buffets and all you can eats in Nottingham in that they are serving up high quality food which makes it a fantastic destination. There are plenty of options too besides the raw fish, giving Sushimania a greater appeal to those sushi-phobes.

For the price of £16.80 per person (plus a 10% service charge), you can more than easily eat your money’s worth, making it even more attractive to students. Be warned though, any dishes that you don’t finish will be charged at full price! If you are going in a large group, I’d suggest splitting up your tables so you don’t get stuck behind the 6 dish limit. But with the very competitive all you can eat menu as well as half price on all a la carte items at lunchtime and after 10pm, Sushimania should be here to stay!

*EDIT* 21 Aug 2019 Price has increased to £17.80

Location: 6A Chapel Bar, Nottingham, NG1 6JS, near the Angel Row bus stops

Price: £17.80 per person (plus 10% service charge) for all you can eat, excluding extras and drinks


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