Product Review: Photo Backdrops

Backdrops have never been on my radar before as a blogger. I’d often use what I had around the house to take photos on, whether that be a wooden table, a slate or even some bathroom tiles (not actually in the bathroom, I bought them in the clearance). Whilst these have created nice photos, I definitely wanted to experience using backdrops and see how much of a change they could make to my photography so I was delighted to see that Photo Backdrops had chosen me to review their Farmhouse backdrop which you can purchase by clicking here (gingerbread shortbread not included!).

Photo Backdrops is a UK based business. The products are created by a professional product photographer for other photographers, crafters and bloggers. The backdrops are all from original photographs taken by Lucy herself and transformed into flexible PVC backdrops which are also waterproof and tear proof.

The backdrop arrived in a tube which has made for easy storage! Some of my other blog props take up quite a bit of space in my already small university room so it’s handy to have it stored away, safely too, inside the tube. What’s even better is that they don’t crease either, leaving the backdrops in perfect condition.

What immediately struck me was the quality of the product. Unlike the bathroom tiles and the slate, I could wipe this clean easily if I got a bit of buttercream on it for example. It felt sturdy too as if it would last me a long time. I couldn’t wait to have a play!

The recipes for the foods pictured below will be coming out over the next few weeks so stay tuned!!


The backdrops have dramatically increased the quality of my photos! My flatmates didn’t actually believe that the photo of the Gingerbread Cheesecake Squares were mine, they thought I’d taken it from a food magazine which I think is a massive compliment! I also had the same thought, I couldn’t quite believe that I had taken that photo either. It’s amazing how a simple backdrop has managed to elevate my photography to a new level.

The backdrops cost £25 for an A2-sized backdrop which seems a reasonable price given the fact that I have no previous experience using backdrops or any knowledge of the going price for other similar products. It is something that honestly I wouldn’t have purchased before because of the price and it’s something that I wouldn’t have thought I needed.

But now having played with the Farmhouse backdrop, I am tempted to purchase more especially with the amazing range of backdrops on their site! Seeing how much it has improved my photography, I may purchase another one in the future (but only when it’s not dark at 5pm anymore, seriously the window of time to take photos now is so small)!

Check out PhotoBackdrops on Twitter and Instagram and make sure to check out their site.

As with all of my reviews, I keep the product after reviewing it but do not receive direct payment from this review. I have not been told to falsely write positive comments about the product and everything is my own opinion.

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