Restaurant Review: Beeston Fields Afternoon Tea

Hidden away behind the shops of Beeston’s High Road and tucked away from the University of Nottingham is Beeston Fields Golf Club. The golf course was established in 1923 and. The very generous team at offered me and a friend to go and review the afternoon tea at Beeston Fields.

This was to be my first ever afternoon tea and so being unfamiliar with the etiquette, it was unnerving. Despite this, the location itself had a regal-like quality to it, which raised my expectations. We arrived and were seated at our table and we took in the surroundings. As you walk into the restaurant, there’s a definite sense of grandeur and opulence. The fantastic weather showcased the golf course which provided a stunning and attractive backdrop to our table complete with delicate looking crockery.

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The waiter welcomed and greeted us before we were asked if we’d like a glass of sparkling wine (which we politely declined) or tea or coffee. Within a minute of requesting teas, the teapot arrived on our table.

And no sooner than we had poured our teas, the afternoon tea stand arrived.


There were 3 tiers of delicious and delectable treats and the waiter talked us through the sandwich fillings. There were 4 different fillings and my favourite was the homemade ham and wholegrain mustard on white and brown bread. The mustard was generously spread on the bread and complimented the homemade ham beautifully.


My friend assures me that the Scottish smoked salmon with cream cheese on brown bread was tasty too. The other 2 fillings were cucumber and cream cheese on white and brown bread and free range hens egg with cress on white bread.


We moved onto the second tier which has 2 large sultana scones with 2 bowls filled generously with clotted cream and strawberry jam. As a baker, I loved to see the golden brown colour on top of the scones and it was very inviting and I just knew these were going to be delicious.


The scone was a personal highlight of the afternoon tea stand. The scone was light and delicate and had a hint of sweetness to it. And with plenty of jam and clotted cream (I won’t tell you which way I put them on, we don’t want to start that debate), they were just delicious.


Lastly we moved to the top tier of the stand which had lots of delectable cakes and petit fours. I loved the arrangement of the petit fours because it meant that everything stood out. The lemon macaron contrasted well against the chocolate macaron and the chocolate on the éclair and the dark rich chocolate cake contrasted well against the cream cheese frosting and the flecks of carrot in the carrot cake.


My friend tried the chocolate macaron and I had the lemon macaron. Again, from a baker’s perspective, the macarons were just perfect with a crisp outer shell and a soft and chewy centre with great looking feet too. I also had the cheesecake which was exquisite. My friend had the carrot cake, the éclair and the doughnut too, all of which he enjoyed greatly.

By this point, we were so full that we couldn’t eat anything else. The white cake looked to have a custard-style filling, the chocolate cake square looked like it had a ganache topping and the other chocolate cake which was much darker than the square had a cream filling and was finished with a dusting of icing sugar. My only minor criticism would be the informal chocolate on the éclair.

The afternoon tea is priced at £14.95 per person which I deem to be a reasonable price taking into account the service and the quality and quantity of food provided. The restaurant is open to the public and not just the golfers. Its secluded location offers a lot of peace and tranquillity and as you walk up to the clubhouse, you are surrounded by views of the golf course and trees. And even if you aren’t in the mood for afternoon tea, it’s still a great place to sit down with a light bite to eat and a drink from the bar with friends and family.


It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience for the both of us and we spent a fantastic hour or two over afternoon tea catching up with our university lives and just having a good old natter and gossip really. And in a time where finding a moment to ourselves to just sit down and have a chat to someone is difficult, it was a great day spent with an old friend.

If I was more local to the area, I would certainly consider going again to treat some of my family for instance. The serenity of the golf course backdrop paired with the nicely decorated inside offers a fantastic atmosphere for an afternoon tea. The staff were polite and friendly which always leaves a lasting impression.

Access: Parking available in the golf club, bus stops in the nearby area such as Farfield Avenue on the L10 and L11 Locallink buses

Price: From £14.95 per person


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  1. Lovely review. Lashings of detail and great pictures. Top notch


    1. Thank you for the comment Louise, I’m happy to hear you liked my review, it’s something that I would love to do more of in the future! 🙂


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