Product Review: Beech’s Fine Chocolates Milk Chocolate Coconut Macaroons

Beech’s Fine Chocolates is a UK-based company which uses all natural ingredients to produce chocolates which are suitable for vegans as well as being gluten-free. Traditional and quality chocolates are being produced by a British chocolatier in Lancashire and have been since 1920.  You can find their full range here on their website.

Over Christmas, I took some of Beech’s Fine Chocolates Milk Chocolate Macaroons home with me for my family to try to get their thoughts on the product. Beech’s mix natural shredded coconut with luxurious 35% cocoa milk chocolate to create the most perfect blend of delicious chocolate and crunchy coconut by hand. These macaroons are also gluten free.

img_5252 img_5250

Taste wise, the milk chocolate balances perfectly with the flavour of coconut. Some milk chocolates can be too sweet and sickly but this milk chocolate is not too sweet on the palate. There’s the initial hit of chocolate flavour and as it mellows out, the coconut flavour profile dominates over the chocolate (in a pleasant way). The flavour overall is incredibly reminiscent of a Bounty bar.


However unlike a Bounty bar, this doesn’t give as easily by which I mean the chocolate has a snap when you bite into it. The macaroons have a good texture and mouthfeel and because of the shredded coconut, there’s also a significant chew to it.


In the pack, there are 9 squares, not identically sized (meaning you know they’re handmade), each weighing around 10g. The 9 macaroons weigh 90g and the product retails at £2.99. This tips into the expensive market however Beech’s is a very high quality and luxurious product so why not treat yourself to a box (or two) of Beech’s Milk Chocolate Coconut Macaroons?

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  1. gustavowoltmann101 says:

    Such a good product base on your review. I think because of the coconut mix ingredients in this chocolate is the reason and leave some mark to every people. Now I was curious about the taste of this hope to find this one at some store.


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