My Thoughts on Patisserie Week

What do you get if you have a drunken nun with coffee and cream horns? No not The Vicar of Dibley, it’s Patisserie Week of Bake Off and the week that saw Paul leave the tent. Not the judge (although we do wish that was the case sometimes) but Paul the baker.

The Signature was to make 24 Cream Horns *sniggers*. The challenge started with Mary saying “it’s very important you fill your horn right down to the bottom so you enjoy it with every mouthful.” Oh you cheeky bugger!

Mary Face

But the bakers were all in a bit of a puff! Flora got carried away with her extras again and focused more on the tuile decorations than the actual horn and left her in a panic hunting for the freezer. She found a freezer although she had to throw out the ice and rack so they fit in! I did like the sound of her Smoked Almond and Butterscotch horn however! Flora made full puff pastry as did Tamal, who impressed Paul with his flakes. Paul’s flavours were slightly lacking and Ian’s chocolatey twist on the challenge just didn’t work and his pastry was raw; even the perfect almond didn’t help him. Nadiya was the standout baker in this challenge, she had great layers and great flavours.

Flora Cream Horn Ian Cream Horns Flora Cream Horns Ian Almonds

We move to the Technical and the bakers were tasked with making 9 Mokatines, an individual coffee cake from Mary Berry herself. Calling for a genoise sponge cut into 2 layers, Paul struggled with this part having never made a genoise before; now I’ll be honest, I think before Bake Off, no one had really heard of genoise sponge and I’ve only made it once and it was incredibly dense so I don’t make it. But I really liked this Technical challenge and I would be tempted to make it! No matter how tricky the challenge was, Nadiya took first place again but Paul, Tamal and Flora didn’t impress.


Everything depended on the Showstopper for all bakers except from Nadiya as they had to make a Religieuse a l’Ancienne, a kind of croquembouche except it uses éclairs instead. One of the problems they have to overcome was their 2 hour lunch break so their choux pastry had to remain standing by the judging. And it remains to say that not all of them did! Flora and Paul had to remove their top 2 tiers from the structure while Nadiya’s bubblegum and peppermint Religieuse a l’Ancienne started to topple over. Despite the strength of Tamal and Ian’s flavours in their bake, it was Flora whose flavours seem to stand out, in fact the judges couldn’t taste them at all!

Tamal Showstopper

Nadiya, despite powerful flavours, managed to claim her second Star Baker title of the series. Nadiya is most definitely my favourite remaining, her faces are still brilliant! Let’s hope that Nadiya doesn’t flap next week!

Nadiya Face

And it was with sad news that we say goodbye to Paul Jagger after baking the momumental King of the Jungle loaf and putting a naked woman with gusset on his Dairy Free Ice Cream Roll. Paul just had a bit of a flap this week, he is clearly a strong baker, it just didn’t go right for him on the day.

Paul Showstopper

Next week it’s all about Chocolate! With Signature Chocolate Tarts, Technically difficult Chocolate Souffles and Chocolate Centrepieces, it’s sure to be an incredibly tense semi-final meaning that the final three really deserve their place!

I went to the filming of this episode’s Extra Slice and will be posting in the future about my experience!

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  1. connie says:

    Nadiya is my favourite too; her facial expressions are too funny and she just makes stuff that I really want to eat! That showstopper was crazy… and there I was just excited about making choux pastry for the first time…


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