Food on Youtube Archives – Byron Talbott

I’m continuing the search of the Youtube food archives with Byron Talbott’s Youtube channel.

Byron Talbott

If you haven’t heard of Byron Talbott before, I think it’s time to prepare yourself for a good hour of gasping in awe of the beauty of the food that Byron continues to produce without fail as you binge-watch his videos. In some ways Byron is different to other Youtubers in that he sort of has another Youtube channel which his wife, Rachel Talbott, runs and he has a background in the culinary arts already, which is evidenced by the skill he exhibits in the videos with recipes like his Chocolate Cups, which he shows and delivers simply so you feel welcome and like you can also do it.

Here are the recipes for Byron’s Breakfast Sandwich and Salted Caramel Macarons.

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