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In this month of July, I’m celebrating the summer (and my holidays) by treating you to a post every day. I’ve had some great feedback from the recent ‘Food on Youtube’ series I started in May and so I’d thought I’d continue the series by posting some of my favourite older videos from the Youtube food community.

Don’t panic if you see some posts that you’ve already seen before as I am posting similar recipes to the videos below over the coming days.

InTheKitchenWithKate is a British Youtube channel. Kate posts videos every Thursday at 5pm GMT and takes her inspiration for recipes from both celebrity chefs such as Rachel Allen, Ina Garten and Mary Berry and requests from her subscribers; comment in the description with a recipe request and she adds it to her ever expanding list. She, unlike most Youtubers, responds to almost every comment she gets and nearly every comment made is about her amazing delivery or looks.

I discovered Kate through an advert on Youtube and was instanly drawn in by her charm. I’ve posted many of her videos in the ‘Food on Youtube’ series already but in the spirit of the archives, here are two more for her Rocky Road Bites and Raspberry Pavlova.

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  1. Hi Andrew. It’s Kate here from In The KitchenWith Kate. I’ve just seen your post and wanted to say thank you so much for your kind words I really appreciate them. It’s so nice to be recognised by someone else who has a real passion for food.
    I’ll add one of your recipes to my “ever expanding list”.
    Kate 🙂


    1. theschoolcook626 says:

      Hi Kate. Sorry for the late reply, I’ve been on holiday and only just got your comment. Thank you I’d love to know which recipe you’ve chosen! I’d be happy for you to use any of my recipes on the channel anyway. Hopefully your “ever expanding list” isn’t too long haha!


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