The Great British Bake Off – Episode 9: French Review

Sorry that this is a bit late, but I’m looking forward to posting some more new recipes very soon.

Beca Frances Kimberley Ruby

The Semi-Final theme was French bakes and a Banoffee twist on France’s 7 layered Opera Cake knocked out Beca. Unfortunately Beca had poor flavours in her Signature and Showstopper and she came last in the Charlotte Royale technical. Her traditional route lost out to Kimberley and Ruby’s strong technical ability and Frances’ creativity, however she did break her style with savoury macarons – she really is a macaron master.

Star Baker: Kimberley

Eliminated: Beca

Winner: (see below)

Best showstopper bake of the week: Frances’ Great British Soap Opera Cake (purely on looks)

(From Winner) In my opinion, all four of the semi-finalists had the potential to be the winner of this series of Bake Off. Beca’s traditional style wins over everybody; Ruby has very strong flavours; Kimberley has very good flavours and technical ability; Frances is very creative. I could not predict the winner at all. Many people are favouring towards KIMBERLEY but I am not too sure who will lift the crown this time.

Kimberley perfected the technical Charlotte Royale and mastered savoury canapés (not complete without a Marlon Brando impression from Mel and Sue) but her Opera Cake was not so well received. However her overall aptitude for French bakes won her Star Baker. She has won the accolade twice over the series, in Pies and Tarts and French Week.

Ruby scraped through this week purely, in my opinion, on the strength of her Opera Cake. Repeatedly, Ruby has saved herself because of her showstopper – if it is anything we’ve seen already, she must perform consistently across the final weekend to take the title. Yet she has won Star Baker the most times this year, in Bread, Sweet Dough and the Quarter Final Week.

Frances performed very well this week with a Vegetable Signature – Frances, that was last week’s Showstopper – and secured her place in the final. The mention of “style over substance” again has just got boring and my opinion on her has changed (although I still do not like the style sometimes) over the series. She has won Star Baker just once across the series in Pastry Week.

Funnily enough, this Final Three were the top three in the Bread Technical Challenge (English Muffins) and follows the trend of each year of the Bake Off so far. If it means the person who finished first in the Technical will win again, Kimberley will win.

Mel and Sue really made this week and in fact the series. Not only did the “Keys in a Bowl” making a great drinks party and their introduction to the show en français make the show, their analysis of the contestants was completely spot on.

[Note that at 7pm on BBC Two before the Final, there will be a catch-up with the contestants from Series Three]

The final Signature is a Picnic Pie. The final Technical is 6 sweet and savoury Pretzels. The final Showstopper is a Wedding Cake – it suits all three bakers. It will be very difficult to win. Who will prosper? Find out BBC Two at 8pm, 22nd October.

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